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Reference Management Software: EndNote

This guide will introduce you to the variety of Reference Management Software NTU Library supports and give you tips on how to make the most out of them.

Introduction to EndNote 20

EndNote 20 is the latest version of EndNote which is a reference management software that can:

  • Keep all your references and reference-related materials in a searchable personal Library
  • Share your references with collaborators (or classmates) through EndNote Sync
  • Use your references to populate written assignments or research papers with both in text citations and reference lists in word processors such as Microsoft Word

EndNote x9 will still be available to download and supported by NTU Library until 31 December 2021. 

Where to Download

Please take note of the following before you proceed to download EndNote 20:

  • Do ensure that you have saved or made a backup copy of your EndNote libraries and other EndNote associated files such as customised citation styles, import filters and connection files. Uninstall any trial/earlier EndNote versions and restart your computer before installing the current version.
  • Use standard browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox, when downloading the EndNote Windows version.
  • Product Key is not required during the installation process. If you are prompted, please ensure that you have unzipped the folder before running EndNote.msi.

Here are the steps to download:

  1. Select either Download: EndNote 20 for Windows or Download: EndNote 20 for Mac
  2. Sign in with your NTU credentials and click on the Digital Version(s) link
  3. Click on the Download link found at the bottom of the page. Save the folder which contains the files EndNote.msi and License.dat on your ‘Desktop’ or ‘My Documents’ folder.
  4. Unzip the downloaded folder. Do NOT double-click or open the downloaded ZIP folder.

For Window users, click on EndNote.msi from the unzipped folder and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

For Mac users, download the EndNoteSiteInstaller.dmg to your Downloads folder (or folder of your choice), double-click on EndNoteSiteInstaller.dmg.

  • Drag the EndNote icon to the Applications folder.
  • Open the Applications folder followed by EndNote folder and double-click on the EndNote application.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

For further assistance or enquiries, please contact

Note: NTU staff, could make a request through ServiceNow@NTU for EndNote installation as staff usually do not have admin rights to install software. Please use the 'Ask IT Form' to request for Installation of the Endnote Software. 

Generate your citations in 2 simple steps


The introduction to EndNote Workshops covers:

1. Creating an EndNote library 

  • Export references 
  • Import PDFs
  • Groups to manage references

2. Writing and Citing with EndNote

  • Adding in-text citations and references
  • Editing references
  • Formatting bibliographies
  • Converting to plain text

3. Sync and Collaboration feature 

NTU Library organises regular workshops for EndNote on the Windows platform. As this is an activity-based sessions, participants are encouraged to attend on time. 

To complement the EndNote online workshops, NTU staff and students may refer to the Introduction to EndNote LibGuide for more information. 

For NIE students/staff, please email NIE Library at:

*As part of safe distancing measures implemented against the spread of COVID-19, NTU Library will be conducting workshops and consultations via online platforms until further notice.

EndNote Workshop Schedule

18 Aug 2021 (Wed), 10 AM – 11.30 AM     [Register

17 Sep 2021 (Fri), 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM    [Register]

24 Sep 2021 (Fri), 10 AM – 11.30 AM         [Register]

6 Oct 2021 (Wed), 2.30 PM – 4 PM            [Register

11 Oct 2021 (Mon), 10 AM – 11.30 AM       [Register] 

20 Oct 2021 (Wed), 2.30 PM – 4 PM          [Register

8 Nov 2021 (Mon), 2.30 PM – 4 PM            [Register

8 Dec 2021 (Wed), 10 AM – 11.30 AM        [Register

Consultation with NTU Librarians

Consultation by Appointment:

Reference Management Software consultation for EndNote, Mendeley & Zotero  is open to NTU students and staff who wish to learn specific  features or  related enquiries. 

Please email to make an appointment.