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Reference Management Software: EndNote Desktop

This guide will introduce you to the variety of Reference Management Software NTU Library supports and give you tips on how to make the most out of them.


Important Announcement Regarding EndNote Desktop

Starting from December 1, 2022, NTU's EndNote Desktop software is now available upon request, subject to approval. However, we highly recommend students and staff to consider using Zotero, as it offers several advantages compared to other reference management software options.

EndNote Desktop is a subscription-based software that must be uninstalled when leaving NTU. Conversely, open-source reference management software such as Zotero and the free version of Mendeley can still be utilized even after leaving NTU. Therefore, we advise EndNote Desktop users to explore open-source options like Zotero.

If you already have EndNote Desktop installed on your devices, you may continue using the software while you are a student or staff member at NTU. For more details, please consult our LibGuide.

If you require further assistance or clarifications, please reach out to us via email at

To help you transition from EndNote to Zotero or Mendeley, we have provided guides on how to move your EndNote references to these platforms. You can find them here:

Before submitting your request using the EndNote Request Form, we encourage you to try Zotero or Mendeley. Priority for EndNote Desktop license loans will be given to those conducting systematic reviews. If approved, one EndNote Desktop license will be loaned to you and listed under your Library account.

Introduction to EndNote

Introduction to EndNote Desktop

EndNote is a reference management software with features to:

  • Keep all your references and reference-related materials in a searchable personal Library
  • Share your references with collaborators (or classmates) through EndNote Sync
  • Use your references to populate written assignments or research papers with both in text citations and reference lists in word processors such as Microsoft Word   

Refer to our LibGuide Introduction to EndNote Desktop