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Introduction to Zotero

What is ZoteroBib

Zoterobib is a free service from Zotero that helps you to create bibliographies without installing any software or registering for an account.

If you need to create a one-off bibliography for a paper, ZoteroBib provides the quickest and easiest way to do it.

It supports over 10,000 citation styles including APA, MLA, IEEE citation style etc.

The bibliography created will be stored in the browser’s local storage by default. Even if you close the webpage and and return to it  later, the bibliography will still be there. It will  be  deleted only if you clear the browser cache / history 

Using ZoteroBib

1.) How to generate the bibliography

  • Select the required citation style from the drop-down menu under Bibliography. 
  • Paste the title, URL or ISBN of the resource into the search box and click Cite
  • Select your source from the displayed list
  • Edit the citation if required.







2.) Creating In-text Citations

  • Click the Copy Citation icon -  the double quotes
  • Click copy Citation tab in the displayed window

  • Open your Word document.
  • Place the cursor where you want to insert citation.
  • Insert a space and paste the copied citation

3.) Creating the Reference List

To create the reference list

  • Click the ‘Copy to clipboard’ tab in Zoterobib
  • In the word document, input References at the end of the document. Bold the text and center it. (APA formatting rules)
  • Paste content below the word References, selecting Merge formatting (using Merge formatting, the pasted text will match the fonts and font size of the text in word document.)