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Introduction to Zotero

Zotero with Google Docs

Zotero's Google Docs plugin allows adding in-text citations and references to documents created and shared using Google Docs. Ensure the Zotero connector is installed on your browser for the Zotero tab to appear in Google Docs menu. 

Getting Started with Zotero - Google Dcos

Open Google Docs on a browser (Example - Chrome browser) with the Zotero connector installed. Zotero plugin gets automatically authenticated  with your Google account when the Zotero tab is clicked to add in-text citations. 
To add in-text citations to a document. Click 'Add/edit citation'.

Select your preferred citation style from the 'Document Preference' pop-up.











A pop-up to select references appear. Click the small red Zotero icon to switch to "Classic View," which opens your Zotero Library. Choose the reference to be added as in-text citation.








The selected reference from the Zotero library is added as an in-text citation.












To add the reference list to your document, place the cursor at the end of the document where you intent to list your references. From the Zotero tab click  "Add/edit Bibliography." A list of references for the in-text citation in the document will appear

After adding in-text citations use the refresh button to update the reference list. To change the citation style use the "Document Preferences" option in the  Zotero tab. Google Docs  and Zotero plugin works seamlessly and there may be a time lag for each of the steps. The options and steps to use Zotero plugin for Google Docs and MS Word are almost similar. 

Collaboration using Google Docs

Zotero with Google Docs is ideal for collaboration allowing multiple individuals to work on a shared document. Some point to note

  • For collaborative projects use a group library.
  • During collaborative work, coauthors should refrain from simultaneously inserting or editing citations to prevent potential document and citation corruption. Although the Zotero Connector has precautionary mechanisms, it may not provide absolute safety due to technical constraints.

For additional information on Zotero-Google Docs refer to the Zotero Documentation.