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Introduction to Zotero

Zotero Groups

Zotero’s group feature helps to easily collaborate and share references with other Zotero users. With groups, you can collaborate remotely with project members, set up web-based bibliographies. There are 3 types of groups:
Private Groups

  • Private groups allow collaboration among group members.
  • Only group members and users invited to join the group are able to see the group’s page.
  • Private groups are completely hidden from group searches. They are not shown on members’ public profile pages and will not appear in search engine results.

Public, Closed Membership

  • Closed-membership groups are useful for creating a controlled group environment with a public presence.
  • Anyone can view the group page, but the only way to join the group is by invitation or by requesting an invitation.

Public, Open Membership

  • Open public groups are useful for the broadest discussion and collaboration.
  • The group page is public, and anyone who wants to can join instantly.

Library Settings

  • Library Reading (Who can see items in this group's library?)
    • Anyone on the internet
    • Any group member
  • Library Editing (Who can add, edit, and remove items from this group's library?)
    • Any group member
    • Only group admins
  • File Editing (Who can work with files stored in the group? Public Open groups cannot have file storage enabled.)
    • Any group member
    • Only group admins
    • No group file storage

Creating Groups:

You can click on the “New Library…” icon located next to the New Collection icon in the top left corner of the Zotero and choose “New Group…”. 

  1.  You will then be asked to log in to your online account and name the group.
  2. Choose group type:
    • Private group libraries can only be seen by group members.
    • Public, Closed Membership group libraries can be read by others but only edited by group members.
    • Public groups allow anyone to join and contribute.
  3. On the Groups tab, click Group settings to fine-tune any permissions.
  4. On the Groups tab, choose Members, and add invitations to collaborators.

Refer to Zotero groups for additional information on group and member settings.

Create Groups

To create a group. You can initiate the creation of a group library in two ways: