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Introduction to Zotero

Adding in-text Citations

In Microsoft Word for Windows, click on the Zotero tab on the Ribbon. You should see Add/Edit Citation.

To Insert in-text citations:

  1. Place your cursor where you would like to insert your in-text citation
  2. Click on Add/Edit Citation
  3. Search for the author's name or select from the dropdown box and click enterundefined

Editing citations

To edit in-text citations

  1. Open your Zotero library and make the changes 
  2. In Word document, place the curser at citation to edit
  3. Choose ‘classic view’.



For editing options, select Prefix, Suffix & Page options for editing citations:




Creating a bibliography

In Zotero, the references are not auto generated when in-text citations are added.

The Add/Edit Bibliography helps to generate the list of references.


Changing Citation Style

When you first start inserting citations into a Word document, you are asked to choose a citation style.  If you later determine that you want to use a different citation style, you can make this change by using the “document preferences” icon.  Click this icon and select a new style from the menu.  The change will automatically be reflected in your Word document.

Converting to plain text

After the completion of your academic paper, click the Zotero tab found at the top of your Word document.

Click on the Unlink Citations to remove the Zotero codes. It is advisable for you to remove these codes before sending a copy to your team members or supervisors.


Save a copy of the Word document that is now in a plain text document without Zotero field codes.