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Introduction to Zotero

Adding References

You can add or import references in a few ways:

1. Using the Zotero Connector: This is the easiest and most common approach.

2.By dragging and dropping PDFs to your Collection

3. Importing BibTeX or RIS file

4. Manual input

Adding references using Zotero Connector

Adding  references from OneSearch using  Zotero Connector

Do your search in OneSearch.

From the retrieved results page, click the Zotero Connector icon in the browser extension.

From the Zotero item selector window, select the references that you want to save to the Zotero collection. Click Ok.


The selected references are added to the Zotero library.

You can add references from Google Scholar or other websites using the same steps.

Adding References from PubMed Using Zotero Connector

You can use the Zotero Connector to directly import references from PubMed.

Simply, do a search as per normal and on your selected article page click on the Zotero icon in your browser. You will then be asked to select which references you'd like to save to your Zotero Library.



Adding references by dragging and dropping PDFs in Zotero

Zotero allows you to attach a PDF to any references added in the library.

To attach PDF to any entries:

  1. Launch Zotero program
  2. Open the saved Library  
  3. Locate and select the PDF on your computer
  4. Drag the file into the center pane of a Zotero folder . You can also click the 'New item' icon on the toolbar and click link to file and select the pdf file from your system to add it to the  Zotero library.
  5. Zotero will search first few pages of PDF to find the metadata or match with the citation information.

Add references from NTU OneSearch Via RIS

Here are the steps:

  • Login to OneSearch and type in the article title
  • Click on the quotation mark icon 
  • Select Export RIS UTF-8 followed by Download button
  • In Zotero, use the Import option to add tbe references to the Zotero library.undefined                                    Note: References in RIS file format could be added using the Zotero's Import option.

Add/Edit References Manually

You can create a reference manually by using the 'New Item' button. 

While there are many fields, you need only populate the fields that are essential to the citation. Auto save option adds the reference to the Zotero library.