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Reference Management Software

This guide will introduce you to the variety of Reference Management Software NTU Library supports and give you tips on how to make the most out of them.

Introduction to Reference Management Software

This guide is created to introduce some common Reference Management Software to you that can be used to manage large numbers of references for your writing assignments or research papers. You may refer to the individual software by clicking on the tabs in the left.

Zotero, Mendeley and EndNote are some popular reference management software. For further assistance or help with reference management software contact the library.


Comparison of Reference Management Softwares

(FREE version)
(FREE version)
EndNote Online
(FREE version)
EndNote Desktop
Ease of Use
Easy to learn and use Easy to learn
and use

Easy to learn
compared to
EndNote desktop   

Learning curve is steep
Operating systems
Windows, Mac and Linux Windows and Mac Windows and Mac Windows and Mac
Works Offline
Yes No No Yes
PDF file handling
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Duplicate detection
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Edit output styles

Yes Yes No Yes
Share & collaborate
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Figures & Charts
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Features useful for Systematic Review
No No No Yes