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Introduction to Mendeley Desktop

A LibGuide to accompany an online workshop for NTU staff and students

Moving from EndNote to Mendeley

To move your references from EndNote to Mendeley ( Mendeley desktop was used to create the below screen shots)

  1. Export references from EndNote to a .RIS file
  2. Import the .RIS file into Mendeley (References are now added to Mendeley)

1) Export references from EndNote to a .RIS file

  • Open EndNote
  • Select all or the required references to export
  • From the 'File' menu select 'Export' 












  • From the export pop up window, use the 'Output style' drop down and choose 'Select Another Style'

  • Next from the 'Choose A Style' pop up window search 'RIS' and choose 'RefMan (RIS) Export

  • Save the file as a .RIS file and the file type as text file (.txt). Your EndNote library has been exported into a .RIS file

2) Import the .RIS file into Mendeley

  • Open Mendeley
  • Create a new folder









  • From the file menu, choose 'Import', RIS

  • Choose the .RIS File that was created when you exported the references from EndNote and click 'open'

References are now added to Mendeley