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Introduction to Mendeley Desktop

A LibGuide to accompany an online workshop for NTU staff and students

Steps to create a folder in Mendeley

Once Mendeley is installed:

  1. Launch the Mendeley program.
  2. You will need to sign into your account first with your email and password.


  1. Under the Folders menu, click ‘Add folder’ button to create a new folder to organise your Mendeley library.

  2. To remove a folder, use the ‘Remove folder’ button that you are currently viewing. 
    Note: that this will not affect any documents within the folder.

Edit Citation Style

To change the citation style in Mendeley, go to:

View > Citation Style .


You can click on More Styles if you do not see your preferred style in this list. 


Do note that if you have downloaded a free version of Mendeley, not all styles come pre-installed. Hence, click on the tab Get More Styles to search for your preferred style in Mendeley's online database if you need to.


Adding PDFs in Mendeley

Mendeley allows you to attach a PDF to any references added in the library.

To attach PDF to any entries:

  1. Launch Mendeley program
  2. Open the saved Library  
  3. Select the reference that you would like to attach a PDF 
  4. Click on Details tab > Select Files to add the PDF file and Save


Adding PDFs in Mendeley

You can easily import multiple PDFs to your Mendeley Library by setting up a Watch Folder.

Launch Mendeley program. Select File > Watch Folder to set up a Watch Folder and save PDFs to that folder as you find them. The PDF and citation will automatically be added to Mendeley when you sync.