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Introduction to Mendeley Desktop

A LibGuide to accompany an online workshop for NTU staff and students

Install Mendeley

Here are the steps to install Mendeley:

  1. Sign up for Mendeley at, you will need to create an account before you use the software.
  2. Install Mendeley Desktop This is for the desktop version which allows to synchronise with the web version.
  3. Install the web importer. This tool is useful for managing reference-type websites.
  4. Install the Mendeley Plug-in for MS  Word. This will enable you to insert citations from Mendeley into your Word document.
  • To install the Mendeley Plugin, close Word and open Mendeley Desktop.
  • Then go to Tools > Install Plugin
  • The plugin is compatible only with the following word processors:
    • Microsoft Word
    • LibreOffice
    • BibTeX

Using MS Teams for this workshop - What you need to know

For this workshop, please ensure that you have MS Teams available on your laptop/desktop. For NTU staff and students, please click here to register for workshop dates and registration details.We will email you the link to join in MS Teams as shown in the example below. Once you are in MS Teams, simply click ‘Join Now’.

Useful tips:

  1. Turn off the camera (use blur background if camera is on)
  2. Mute the microphone on your laptop
  3. Connect your laptop with a headphone
  4. Do use the LAN cable for a stable connection where possible, otherwise Wi-Fi/4G
  5. Minimise Teams when needed.

Install MS Teams

  1. Go to Microsoft Office 365
  2. Login using your NTU email account and password. For example, <username>
  3. Click on Teams icon to install


All Mendeley (online) workshop participants will receive an email with the link to join in MS Teams.

As this is an activity-based workshop. please ensure that you join the online session at the appointed time and date.

There will be two hands-on activities.  The instructor will first explain and demo, after which participants will asked to complete the hands-on activity.

Mute the microphone at all times. If you need to speak, kindly indicate in the chat box. Remember to introduce yourself to the instructor and class before you ask questions. We encourage all participants to post any questions via the chat feature available.