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Reference Management Software: Home

This guide will introduce you to the variety of Reference Management Software NTU Library supports and give you tips on how to make the most out of them.

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Which one should I use?

To have a hands-on experience of these software for yourself, do come down for our workshops. You can find the full schedule by clicking on the Workshops tab above.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding on which software works best for you:


Why should I choose EndNote?

  • EndNote has been around for longer than Mendeley and Zotero. It is a more seasoned product.
  • EndNote also has many advanced features for managing and citing references.
  • EndNote is a software that has been subscribed by NTU, so current NTU staff and students can enjoy the full version free of charge.


Why should I choose Mendeley?

  • Mendeley has a free basic version that is available.
  • Mendeley has useful features to handle PDF easily.
  • Mendeley provides a platform for Social Networking.


Why should I choose Zotero?

  • Zotero is an open source software.
  • Zotero provides one of the easiest methods to collect references in PDF format and others.
  • Zotero is useful for diverse research content and is compatible with many different formats.

Introduction to Reference Management Software

This guide is created to introduce some common Reference Management Software to you that can be used to manage large numbers of references for your writing assignments or research papers. You may refer to the individual software by clicking on the tabs above.

NTU Library supports EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero as seen below. You only need to use one to manage your referencing needs but you may want to try out them all to decide which you prefer.

Reference Managers Compared

  EndNote Mendeley Zotero
Available for download

(Full version)

(Full version)

(Full version)

Full premium features 

(available for NTU staff and students)

x x

Collaborate with other users

(i.e. sharing references)

✔  ✔  ✔ 
Online storage


2GB for the free version 300MB for the free version
File attachments (i.e. PDF) ✔  ✔ 
Annotate PDF ✔  x
Detect duplicates ✔  ✔ 

Support major citation styles

(i.e. APA, Chicago, IEEE, MLA, NLM, Turabian etc.)

✔  ✔ 
Social networks (i.e. can follow other users) x

EndNote 20

EndNote 20 is the latest version of a reference management software which can be used as a desktop version ( or as a web based program.

It contains features to:

  • Keep all your references and reference-related materials in a searchable personal Library
  • Share your references with collaborators (or classmates) through EndNote Sync
  • Use your references to populate written assignments or research papers with both in text citations and reference lists in word processors such as Microsoft Word

To find out more, click on the EndNote tab above.


Mendeley​ is a reference management software which can be used as a desktop version ( or as a web based program. It has features to:

  • Import references easily via a browser plugin or PDF
  • Share and annotate references as a group
  • Cite While you Write in most word processors in your assignments or research papers

To find out more, click the Mendeley tab above.


Zotero is an alternative reference management software which can be used as a desktop version ( or as a web based program. It has useful features like:

  • It is completely free and easy to download
  • It has easy import features so you can populate your reference library with ease
  • You can easily share your references with as many collaborators as you would like
  • You can easily Cite while you Write with any word processor.

To find out more, click on the Zotero tab above. 


Other Useful Tools

There are many free software that would help you create citations to copy and paste into your writings. However, using Reference Management Software such as the above would make the process more seamless.