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Library Essentials for Graduate Freshmen

This guide is designed to introduce NTU Graduate Freshmen to essential Library services and resources.

Research Services

The library offers advisory services and resources to help you with your research and discovery throughout the Research Lifecycle. 

Literature Search Consultation
NTU Librarians can help you: 

  • identify search terms and develop effective search strategies that can assist you in defining your topic
  • recommend relevant databases and search engines
  • find relevant sources such as books, journal articles, conference papers, market reports, data or other types of materials for your research

This service would be especially beneficial for those who:

  • are unsure of where and how to begin their literature search for their assignment, project or research
  • need guidance with formulating search strategies and navigating databases & search engines
  • need help with identifying and evaluating scholarly resources

Systematic Search Services
These services are available to students conducting systematic reviews. Services include:

A. Systematic Search Advisory
Get expert advice from a librarian on search strategy development and resource selection for systematic reviews (up to 3 hours consultation).

B. Systematic Search Collaboration
Collaborate with librarians on formulation of research question, search strategy development and validation, database searching and syntax translation, citation export and reporting of search methods for reproducibility. Co-authorship is welcome.

More services listed at

Contact the Library's Open Science and Research Services Team when you:

Request for Resources

For resources that are not available in NTU’s collection, the following services are available: