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Research Impact: Instructions for Google Scholar


This is a step-by-step guide for NTU's Promotion and Tenure (PT) candidates in non-STEM fields (including computer science and mathematics) on how to generate a citation report from Google Scholar Profile.

Please contact the Library after you have created and updated your Google Scholar Profile.

Please expect a turnaround time of at least 2 weeks from the Library for a verified PT Citation Report. It will take less time if your Google Scholar Profile is accurate, clean and up-to-date.

Library Citation Report Service Briefing for HRBPs and Candidates (Google Scholar Profile)

Checklist to Prepare your Google Scholar Profile for Citation Report

Videos by NTU Library

3 Simple Steps to Prepare your Google Scholar (GS) Profile

  1. Sign in to your Google Scholar profile, or create a Google Scholar Profile.
  2. In your profile, enter your NTU email address and select "Make my profile public". Save.
  3. Click on the '+" icon, go to “Configure article updates" and select "Don't automatically update my profile.Send me email to review and confirm updates." Click "Update settings."

Rationale: An automatically updated Google Scholar Profile means that the Google Scholar algorithm will add anything that carries your name to your Profile, causing it to be 'polluted'. For example, this could include publications by authors who have the same name and/or initials as yours.

Doing so means that you can quickly verify any publications before they are added. It helps to prevent profile 'pollution'. This is not time consuming and it is definitely worthy of your time. Adding new publications is as simply as clicking on a link in an update email alert from Google Scholar.

4. Add publications to your Google Scholar Profile by selecting “Add article groups” or “Add articles”. You may search using your name and/or publication title. This way of adding is to ensure that only articles that are indexed by Google Scholar are added to your Google Scholar Profile. Indexed articles will display live citation count numbers.

Do NOT add article manually. Manually added articles do not display any citation count numbers.

5. If you find '' beside the citation count, it indicates that the "Cited by" count includes citations that might not match this article. Check if the citations tally by clicking on the article's title and looking for "Scholar articles" with '' next to their title.

--  If the citations match, no further action is required from you.
--  If the citations do not match and are not authored by you, please remove.

  1. First, make sure that you have your own up-to-date list of publications (ideally the CV publications list from your dossier) with you.
  2. Compare the list of publications in your Google Scholar Profile with your own list.
  3. Remove any items in your Google Scholar Profile that do not belong to you. Also remove any of the following types of materials that are not published, peer-reviewed, full-length original work:
    • Editorial materials and letters
    • Erratum or corrections, and supplementary papers/materials (e.g. video/audio clips) for published papers
    • Conference abstracts or posters
    • Grey literature such as theses, dissertations, preprints (can be merged together with published version), and other conference materials not published in conference proceedings
    • Non-peer reviewed items
    • Patents

(For steps on how to restore deleted items from trash, refer to the steps here.)

4. To merge any duplicate publications in your Google Scholar Profile (e.g. two records of the same title), select the records and click "Merge".

5. Check each and every item in the Publication List against your Google Scholar Profile. Resolve any discrepancy by using the following checklist:

Scenario Action to take
Discrepancy found between article/book citation listed in Google Scholar Profile and your own Publication List.

 Verify and update to make them consistent.

Article/book citation was in your Publication List and indexed by Google Scholar, but not in your Google Scholar Profile.

 Add the citation into your Google Scholar Profile.

 Article/book citation indexed in Google Scholar but not in your Publication List.

 Check if the citation belongs to you:

  • If no, delete from your Google Scholar Profile. 
  • If yes, add it to your own Publication List.
  • If yes but you don’t wish to add it to your own Publication List, please DELETE the item in your Google Scholar Profile.


To restore deleted items from trash:

1. From your Google Scholar Profile page, click the 3 vertical dots beside the "Title". Click "View trash". 

You will then see a list of titles that have been deleted:

2. Select the title(s) you wish to retrieve, and click “Restore”. You will see the title list refreshed and the item(s) restored will no longer be visible.

3. Return to the main page and check that the title has been restored to your list.

To sort titles alphabetically:

To sort titles alphabetically, click the TITLE header as shown in the red box below.

To sort titles in descending chronological order:

To sort titles in descending chronological order, click the YEAR header as shown in the red box below.

  1. Once you have checked and tidied up your Google Scholar Profile, send an email to Library with your Google Scholar Profile URL and your publications list, formatted according to dossier CV template in Word document. Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any assistance.