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Research Impact: Instructions for Web of Science


This is a step-by-step guide for NTU's Promotion / Tenure (PT) candidates in STEM fields on how to generate a citation report from Web of Science (excluding computer science and mathematics).

If you wish to request Library's help in generating a Web of Science citation report, please expect a turnaround time of at least 2 weeks. It will take less time if your Author Profile is accurate, clean and up-to-date.

Library Citation Report Service Briefing for HRBPs and Candidates (Web of Science)

Videos by NTU Library

* Please see LibGuide (right) for latest steps and screen captures in WoS.

Introduction to Author Records in Web of Science Core Collection

3 Simple Steps to Generate your Web of Science (WoS) Citation Report

  1. Register or sign in to your Web of Science account. Click here to access Web of Science.
  2. Please use your NTU email address.
    Note: Signing in is required for you to save your search results as a Marked List, or to submit a correction.
  3. Search for your publications in Web of Science Core Collection. Go to 'RESEARCHERS'.
  4. If you already have existing author identifiers (e.g. ResearcherID or ORCID ID) and they are correctly associated with your publications, select “Author Identifiers” from the drop-down list.
  5. Otherwise, perform the default “Name Search”. Enter your initials and/or name spelt out in full. Click on “Add name variant” to input more choices.
  6. Review the listing of author records. Click on “Recent publications” to view recently published works.
    • If only one appropriate author record is found, click on it.
    • If there is more than one suitable author record, select the appropriate ones, then click "View as combined record".

  7. If no correct author record can be found (e.g. where author name is common), go to ‘DOCUMENTS’ and search in Web of Science Core Collection. Search using a combination of publication title, publication DOI (if available), and/or 'Author' under the drop-down list. It may be useful to connect the search terms with the appropriate Boolean Operators, 'AND' or 'OR'.

1. At your Author Profile/Record, click the number of papers directly to view all the publications;


2. At the results page, scroll down to 'Document Types' at the left side-bar. Refine the results to articles, review articles, proceeding papers, book chapters, early access. Do not include erratum/correction(s), meeting abstracts, editorial materials, letters and author’s replies.


3. With the 'Document Types' filter applied (see highlight), select only publications that belong to you. Click on < or > to go through all the pages.


4. Click on 'Add to Marked List'. Select 'Create new list' if you have not created one.

Using a Marked List (*Important step*)
By saving your publications as a Marked List, you can (i) instantly generate a Web of Science citation report from it, and (ii) easily return to update your Marked List whenever there are changes.

We recommend that you save your Marked List in the format: [your name]_[search dateYYYYMMDD]. For example, AloysiusSmith_20220115.xls.

5. You could also save the entire set of results and remove any incorrect publications later. To do so, specify the range of records to save. Enter '1' for the first number and the last number based on your list. Click 'Add'.


Need to Add Missing Publications?

If you need to add missing publications to your marked list, follow these steps:

1. First make sure that you have already created a Marked List.

2. Go to the Web of Science search page, search under 'Documents' for the missing publications:







3. Add the missing publications to the earlier created Marked List:


4. There could be a small number of cases where the articles were not indexed by Web of Science even though the journal could have been indexed in Web of Science. In this case, report the problem to Web of Science via the online form 'Data Change & Missing Article/Journal Issue Request'. To check if Web of Science indexes a particular journal, click here to search.


Need to Remove Publications?

If you need to remove any publications in your Marked List eg. wrongly indexed by Web of Science or which you do not wish them to be included, follow these steps:

1. Go to your earlier created Marked List.

2. Select the relevant publications and click 'Remove':


Footnote: Correcting your Author Profile/Record (*Optional*)

  1. If publications are wrongly attributed to your Author Profile/Record, you may submit a correction request in WoS as follow: 
    At your Author Profile, click on "How do I correct this record?" Note: *Corrections to Author Profiles need 3-5 days to be reflected*.


  1. Make sure your Author Profile or Marked List is correct and up-to-date (See Steps 1 and 2). To generate a WoS citation report from Marked List, click on 'Marked List' at the top, followed by "Citation Report".

  2. Scroll down and go through the publications one more time. (Reminder: For P&T purposes, please remove any duplicates, erratum/correction(s), editor’s letter, and author’s replies). Any changes should be made to the Marked List and saved.

  3. Ensure that publications in the Web of Science Citation Report are sorted by citation count in descending order.

  4. Print your Web of Science Citation Report as PDF in portrait orientation to display citation counts in descending order equivalent to the h-index. Under options, ensure headers and footers are selected for printing.
    Note: Date and time stamps are required for validation of citation reports.
  5. A commonly encountered printing issue is that the last few rows do not display in the PDF. To overcome this issue, scroll down to the bottom of of your list of publications on your Internet browser first. The rows of publication items will progressively display on your screen. After that, right-click on your screen and then print as PDF. 
  6. Click on "Export Full Report". Specify record range and save records as an Excel file. We recommend the following naming convention, [your name]_[date of report].
  7. Email Library the PDF and Excel file. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or require assistance.

Web of Science FAQs