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Research Impact: Citation Reports

About this Guide

This Guide is created to guide you as you go about preparing a citation report for NTU Promotion / Tenure (PT) purposes, either for yourself or for someone else. Please begin as early as possible.

It is important to take note that it is the candidate's responsibility to ensure that your Author IDs or Profiles are accurate and up-to-date.

Recognised Citation Data Sources for Promotion and Tenure

As part of their Promotion / Tenure (PT) dossier submission requirements, candidates shall include a citation report based on ONLY ONE citation data source, namely either the Google Scholar Profile or the Web of Science, depending on their primary subject discipline.

Candidates' Primary Subject Discipline Required Citation Data Source
Non-STEM subject disciplines, computer science and mathematics Google Scholar Profile
STEM subject disciplines (excluding computer science and mathematics) Web of Science

Contact Us

To provide good support to the NTU faculty members who need additional help with their NTU Promotion / Tenure Citation Report, the NTU Library pulls together a team of librarians to help provide Citation Report service during the promotion / tenure exercises. 

NTU faculty members may contact us via email to request for one-to-one online consultations.