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Get Expert Advice: Literature Search Consultation

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Literature Search Consultation

The Literature Search Consultation is a service by NTU Library, where librarians from the Advisory and Consultation team will liaise with you, by email and/or face-to-face, to help with your literature search for your assignment, project or research. 

More specifically, the librarians can help you: 

  • identify search terms and develop effective search strategies that can assist you in defining your topic
  • recommend relevant databases and search engines
  • find relevant sources such as books, journal articles, conference papers, market reports, data or other types of materials for your research

This service is open to all NTU students, faculty, and staff. This service would be especially beneficial for those who:

  • are unsure of where and how to begin their literature search for their assignment, project or research
  • need guidance with formulating search strategies and navigating databases & search engines
  • need help with identifying and evaluating scholarly resources

The librarians will NOT assist with:

  • doing the actual research and the actual literature review
  • coming up with research questions
  • checking citation one-by-one
  • proofreading the paper
  • extensive writing advice (please consult the Language Communication Centre for writing advice)

Book a one-to-one literature search consultation with our librarians.