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DR-NTU User Guides

This guide provides information about submitting your works (FYP, Thesis and paper) to NTU digital repository (DR-NTU).

Withdrawals and Corrections for Items Deposited in DR-NTU

Withdrawals and Corrections of Submitted Works
All submitted works will be archived and made available for knowledge sharing permanently. However, some works may be withdrawn or corrected due to legal violation, copyright infringement, plagiarism, sensitive or confidential information, scholarly misconduct, etc. 

Request for a Withdrawal or Correction
A request for withdrawal or correction may come from the author, the University (eg. PhD supervisor or school administrator) or members of the public. The request containing details of the item (e.g.  title, author or URL), the reasons for withdrawal or correction, and evidence if applicable, must be sent to NTU Library at  

Reasons for Withdrawals or Corrections 
Under some exceptional circumstances, submitted items may be considered for a withdrawal from public view or correction of the record in the DR-NTU. These reasons include, but are not limited to the following:

1)    legal requirements violations 
2)    license agreement violations 
3)    copyright infringement or plagiarism 
4)    third party’s rights violations
5)    retraction by the publisher
6)    ethical violations or other scholarly misconduct
7)    confidentiality concerns 
8)    concerns over the political or social sensitivity of content

Follow-up Actions
Upon receiving the request, NTU Library will review the request and decide on the course of action, where necessary, in consultation with the relevant School or departments. Requests for withdrawal are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

For a withdrawal request, once it has been approved, the Library will remove the item from public view. The metadata and full text of the item will be made inaccessible and unsearchable. Instead, at the landing page of the item, a withdrawal notice will be displayed. 

The review process for a withdrawal request may take up to six to eight weeks. NTU Library will inform the requestor of the course of actions taken.  The author of the item (if contactable) and his/her supervisor (if applicable) and School will be informed as well.

For requests to make changes to the metadata or full text, Library will review each request and offer suggestions to the author. NTU Library will proceed to make the changes only if there is a mutual agreement.

NTU Library reserves the right to withdraw publications or works that are deemed to be unsuitable for sharing.