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DR-NTU User Guides: FAQ


1. How do I submit paper to DR-NTU?
Four major steps to deposit your paper
a. Click deposit button to start a new submission (Login using NTU network account)
b. Select the appropriate collection under your school
c. Follow the instructions to complete the required fields of the submission form
d. Attach the full-text report/thesis in PDF file
Read the submission guide for details.

2.​​ ​What kinds of publications could I submit to DR-NTU to comply with the NTU’s Open Access Policy?

For faculty and researchers, you should submit the following publications into DR-NTU as part of the OA Policy:

• Conference papers
• Journal articles

Faculty and researchers are also encouraged to submit their books and book chapters to DR-NTU, provided that they submitted a proper version which complies with the publisher’s copyright and self-archiving policy. 

For PhD and Masters Degree (by research only) students, you are required to submit the full-text of your thesis or dissertation in PDF file to DR-NTU for open access.  

Other kinds of publications by schools/centres are welcome to be deposited for open access


3. Can I deposit my conference presentation slides, posters, course notes into DR-NTU?
Generally, DR-NTU does not accept work that did not go through the peer review process for open access. Thus conference presentation slides, posters, course notes are not accepted at this point in time. The exceptions is URECA's conference proceedings (for restricted access only), papers and posters.

4. If the publication's first author is a non-NTU staff, should the NTU co-author uploads the publication onto DR-NTU?
According to NTU Open Access Policy, all NTU faculty and staff are required to submit their papers to DR-NTU for open access, no matter whether he/she is the first author or not. But if you have some prior agreement with other parties that prevent you from submitting to DR-NTU, you may exempt it from submission. Even if there are no such agreement, it is still a good practice to check with the first author to alert him/her that the paper will be submitted to DR-NTU to meet NTU's open access policy. You can get more information on paper submission here.  

5. How do I know which version of my article the publisher allow me to deposit?
Please check your publisher’s website for their copyright and self-archiving policy or search the Sherpa Romeo website, where you will be able to get the proper version that your publisher allow you to submit to DR-NTU. 

When in doubt or when information is not available, always submit the accepted version (post-print, final manuscript after peer review) to DR-NTU.

6.​ How do I identify different versions of my paper?
Published version:
 Final version of the publication produced by the publisher. The layout of published version is formatted by the publisher, with the volume, issue, page number and publisher’s logo displayed. 

Accepted version: also known as Post-print version, author’s final manuscript of the publication after peer review with revisions having been made, before it is sent off to the publisher for publication. The layout of accepted version is unformatted, with default page numbers but usually without publisher’s logo. 

Pre-print version: Author’s complete manuscript before peer review. 

Before you submit your paper to DR-NTU, please check your publisher’s website or the Sherpa Romeo website about their self-archiving policy to ensure that they allow you to do self-archiving and you have submitted a proper version.

7. If I cannot find the accepted version of my paper, can I submit my published version or pre-print version to DR-NTU to comply with NTU Open Access Policy? 
You must comply with your publisher’s self-archiving policy to submit a proper version of your paper. If you cannot find a proper version, we would suggest you to only submit the metadata record of your paper to DR-NTU to avoid any copyright infringement.

It is a good practice to always keep your accepted version, as, according to the statistics from Sherpa Romeo website, 42% of publishers (as of 23 April 2020) allow accepted version to be deposited to institutional repositories like DR-NTU for open access.

8.​ If the publisher does not support self-archival policies, can I still submit my publications to DR-NTU?
Yes, you can still submit the metadata record of your paper including title, author, and abstracts for public view, but cannot submit the full-text content.

9.​ Can I deposit my conference papers into DR-NTU before being published?
To ensure that we do not infringe publishers’ copyright, authors are strongly encouraged to submit their publications to DR-NTU after the papers have been published. 

10. My thesis has confidential information; may I ask for an exemption?
According to NTU’s Open Access Policy, all PhD and Masters Degree (by research only) students are required to submit the complete full-text digital version of their theses to DR-NTU for open access. 

If your thesis has confidential information, you can request an exemption from compulsory submission. Please obtain approval from your supervisor, then send an email to the Library and cc your supervisor. . 

For more information on exemption, please read here.


11. After my submission to DR-NTU, it is shown in “Unfinished Submission”, what does that means?
Your submission is displayed under “Unfinished Submissions” means that you have not yet completed the submission process. You have missed out some information during your submission. To complete the process, click “Open" button next to the title.

Once submission process is completed, the item will be under the “Submission in Workflow Process”. This indicates that the item has been received and is now in the process of verification before it is published in the DR-NTU for online viewing. 

12.​ Why is the full-text of my paper not available in DR-NTU even after I have successfully submitted it?
After your submission, the Library needs to review, process and approve your submission before it is made available on DR-NTU. For the paper you submitted, the Library need to check and ensure your submission complies with the publisher’s self-archiving policy before approval. Should the publisher of your paper request an embargo setting, the Library will set embargo on the full-text of your paper, thus it will be released for viewing only after the embargo expires. 

13.​ I did not submit my paper to DR-NTU, why is my paper available in DR-NTU?
This is because the library has been doing librarian-mediated submission on behalf of NTU’s authors to comply with the NTU Open Access policy. Librarians download NTU paper records from Scopus and Web of Science regularly and deposit the proper version of these papers to DR-NTU according to the publisher’s self-archiving policy. So, please do a title search for your papers in DR-NTU to avoid duplicates before submission.

Please contact us if you have further questions or need any clarifications. 

14. Why I did not receive an email notification after I submitted my paper in DR-NTU?

After you have submitted your paper to the DR-NTU, your submission will go through a workflow process of verifying before it is published in the DR-NTU. The turnaround time is 2 to 3 weeks. You will receive an email notification once it is published in DR-NTU. 

15. I need to make some changes to the information I submitted to DR-NTU, what should I do?
If you need to change the information for your submission such as title, author, date of issue, project ID or replaces the full text PDF file, etc, you can contact the library to make the change on your behalf. Please send email to:

16.​ I have some papers published before I joined NTU, can I deposit these papers into DR-NTU?
DR-NTU aims to capture, store and showcase the scholarly outputs of Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their publications published before joining NTU to the institutional repositories of the universities where those papers were published.


17. How to search papers in DR-NTU?
To search for papers in DR-NTU, 
a. key in the keywords, e.g. “3D printing” in the search box, and click the search icon will get the result 
b. To limit your search to a specific document type such as Publications, you can click the All to select Publications from the Drop-down list 

c. The result of publications will be shown as below.


18. How to export records from DR-NTU?
a. Check the boxes to select the records
b. Select the format above the list, the default format is EndNote
c. Click Export button to export the selected records to EndNote. 

19. How to check the total submissions of the whole DR-NTU?
Click the All button in the Search box at the home page, you will get a Drop-down list with all the document types’ submission numbers as shown below.