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DR-NTU User Guides

This guide provides information about submitting your works (FYP, Thesis and paper) to NTU digital repository (DR-NTU).

Search Tips

What is not searched - Stop Words
Certain words that appear frequently in English will be ignored by the search engine. These are:

"a", "and" , "are" , "as" , "at" , "be" , "but" , "by" , "for" , "if" , "in" , "into",

"is" ,"it" ,"no" , "not" , "of" , "on" , "or" , "such", "the" , "to" , "was"

Phrase Searching
To search multiple words as a phrase, put quotation marks (") around the phrase.

Example: "climate change"

To find variant forms of a word, use an asterisk (*) after a word stem 

Example:  organ* will retrieve organic, organs, organizing, organized, organisations, organizations, organisational

Boolean searching

The following Boolean operators can be used to combine terms. Note that they must be CAPITALIZED !

AND - to limit searches to find items containing all words or phrases combined with this operator

 Example: renewable AND energy will retrieve all items that contain BOTH the words "renewable" and "energy"

OR - to enlarge searches to find items containing any of the words or phrases surrounding this operator

 Example: green OR building will retrieve all items that contain EITHER the words "green" or "building"

NOT - to exclude items containing the word following this operator

Example energy NOT petroleum will retrieve all items that contain the word "energy" EXCEPT those also containing the word "petroleum"

Parentheses ( ) can be used to group search terms and connected by different operators

Example: (renewable OR energy) AND (green OR building)


Browse feature is available at the Communities & Collections, Research Papers, Theses and FYPs at the top menu. At Communities & Collections, click on each collection under the community to browse the specific publications. At Research Papers, Theses or FYPs, click on the browse field names under Browse. 

Communities & Collections


Research Papers







  1. Quick Search: search all publications at the top right of the navigation bar and also center of the homepage. Type in keywords to search against title, author, subject, abstract of each item's record.

  2. Advanced Search: specific searches to the publications in Research Papers, Theses and FYPs. For each type of publication, you can specify the search to the various fields such as title, author, type, degree, supervisor.