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DR-NTU User Guides: Deposit FYP / Thesis

FYP / Thesis

NTU students are required to submit your Final Year Project (FYP) report or thesis to DR-NTU for wider access.

Please note that your submission should not contain personal, confidential or sensitive information, you can either anonymize or remove it from your work before submission. Under some special circumstances, e.g. your work is pending publication or patent application, you may request an embargo for up to 2 years. If your work contains confidential or sensitive information despite attempts to anonymize or remove it, you may request an exemption from submission. For more details, please read the embargo & exemption guidelines and the terms of use of DR-NTU. 

When to submit:
Submit the final version of your FYP or thesis to DR-NTU directly once it is approved by your supervisor. For the actual deadline for submission, please refer to the guidelines from your school or Office of Academic Services. Please note that the Library needs at least 2-3 weeks to process your submission during the peak periods, thus please submit your work at your soonest to avoid last-minute rush and processing “jam”.

Prepare for submission:

  1. Ensure the following details are provided on the title page of your report:
    1. Title
    2. Name of Author
    3. Degree
    4. Name of Supervisor(s)
    5. Name of School
  2. For PhD and Masters by Research student, you must adhere to the final format for thesis required by the University. In conjunction with NTU Research Integrity Policy and guidelines, all theses and dissertations by students should include Thesis Declaration Statements that are acknowledged and signed by students and supervisors, prior to submission. Please refrain from using signatures intended for any official purposes in the Thesis Declaration Statements and opt to use your initials instead.
  3. Combine your report as one single file (e.g. put appendices, tables, bibliography, etc., together and not as separate items).
  4. Convert the full-text of the report to unsecured PDF file.
  5. Save accompanying materials (e.g. photo journal, video, audio, etc.) in common multimedia formats (e.g. JPG, MP4) and upload as separate files.
  6. Keep each file below 512MB. If you have a file that is larger than 512MB, split the file into a few smaller files.

How to submit:

  1. Click deposit button to start a new submission at the DR-NTU homepage

  2. Login using NTU network account
  3. Select the collection you wish to submit to
  4. You will be required to grant NTU Library a Non-exclusive Distribution License upon submission
  5. Follow the online instructions to enter all the necessary information 
  6. Attach the appropriate version of your paper in PDF file
  7. Set embargo if needed
  8. Click on “Complete” after verifying your submission details

You will receive an email notification with a URL generated for your work if your submission is approved.  You will receive an email notification with the reason for rejection if your submission is not approved by the Library.

Please contact us if any assistance is needed.