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Tagging each Resource in your Reading List

There are 2 types of Tags that can be used for your Reading List:

1. Administrative Tags
Add Tags
to inform the Library about preferred purchase format (if physical is preferred) and shelving location (if items need to be on 2 HR loan in RBR or not i.e. on open shelf).

To make a request to purchase a book for your course (because it is currently not in NTU Library yet), please tag it with the "Purchase" tag. Detailed instructions below.

2. Public Tags
Add Tags
to inform Students about the type of information source (Primary or Secondary Source).

Tagging for Purchase

If you'd like to request for a book that the Library does not yet have to be purchased, please follow the below steps:

1. Add the book using either the Blank Form or Cite It methods.

2. Click on the "Add Tag" button on the book you've added.


3. Select either "Purchase" or "Purchase-Physical required" tag.

"Purchase" means that the Library will try to find an ebook first. If no ebook is available for purchase, we will then buy a physical book.

"Purchase-Physical required" means that you require the physical version to teach this material in class, and you are requesting that the Library only source for a physical book.

Once tagged, the Library will be alerted to buy the book.

4. Remember that if you want your students to see the list, you'll need to publish it if it is still in "Draft Mode".