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What is JoVE?

The Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) Unlimited is a database of videos mainly of science and engineering research. There are two main types of content, videos about the latest research and breakthroughs, and educational videos of syllabus taught at various levels. You can basically think of JoVE as a specialised version of youtube for science and engineering teaching videos!

NTU's subscription to JoVE now includes a paid trial of additional content lasting until December 2024.

How can I add it to my Reading List?

You can add JoVE content to your NTU CourseReserves reading list for your students to watch the same way you would a youtube video. First, you can access the JoVE platform via NTU's paid trial by clicking here, search for a video that suits your needs, and then create an entry for it in your Reading List via the blank form option.

Alternatively, if you have set up the Cite It! tool, you can use it to quickly and easily create an entry in your Reading List.

Curriculum Specialist from JoVE

As part of NTU's subscription to JoVE, NTU also has a curriculum specialist from JoVE assigned.

JoVE's curriculum specialists can help you by:

  • locating videos best suited for your syllabus or upcoming examinations
  • providing quiz banks to help you assess students’ understanding

To get in touch with the curriculum specialist and get advice on what JoVE videos might be suitable to add to your reading list, please email: