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NTU CourseReserves - Course Readings at your fingertips

Accessing NTU CourseReserves

NTU CourseReserves is embedded directly in NTULearn.

Go to any of your courses in NTULearn, and look for the "NTU CourseReserves" tool in the left sidebar.

Then, make sure you enable it so it is visible to your students by clicking on the gray down arrow, and selecting "Show Link"

You can click on this link to access the platform yourself, and edit your reading list.


If you do not see the above link in your course, you can enable it yourself by following the below steps:

Step 1

Hover over the "+" sign at the top left hand corner of your course and create a new "Tool Link"

Step 2

Select "NTU CourseReserves" from the dropdown.


Step 3

Name the Link "NTU CourseReserves", and make sure you make it available to users, so that your students can see it!

Now you and your students can click on the link to access the platform!

The User Interface

User Interface

When you have created your first reading list, you can now navigate around the interface. You will see a header bar, a left navigation sidebar, and a main central pane. The left sidebar may be collapsed by default if the screen width is too narrow; select the expand icon (the left arrow) at the bottom of the page to view the sidebar.
The left sidebar includes the following links:

  • Lists – The home page, displays the list of reading lists that are currently associated with this specific course in NTULearn. To view all your other lists (associated with other courses, or not associated with any course), de-select the filter for this course.
  • Collection –  This would be your "favourites" saved in your account in NTU OneSearch.
  • Find Lists – Search for other reading lists in courses you have access to. Suggested lists may appear at the bottom of this page
  • Reports – View usage information about the reading lists that you own or collaborate on. (Coming Soon!)