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Adding resources to your reading list

From your Reading List, start adding items by clicking on the "Add Item" button.

The display shows four choices on the right tab.

"Search" allows you to add any item from the Library's existing resources. "Collection" links you to the favourites you have saved on NTU Library's OneSearch. "Blank Form" allows you to create links to web-resources, or manually enter information about a book that the Library has not purchased yet.

Use the Library Search option to look for a resource we have in the Library.

After retrieving the title that you want, you can drag and drop it to the section that you have created or click on it and select 'add to tab.

You can add notes for the students by clicking the title and putting in the notes in the public notes section.

After completing your list, click on the 'Library Review' tab, to send your list to the library for processing.

Don't forget to "Publish" to make your list visible to your students!


Deleting a resource

To delete a book or article that is no longer needed in your list, simply click on the delete option: