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Adding resources using Cite It!

Cite It! is a bookmarklet, a small javascript-based bookmark that you can add to your browser's bookmark bar. When you are browsing any web site, Cite It! enables you to add the resource on the current page as citation to a reading list in Leganto.

Adding Cite It! to a Browser's Bookmarks Bar

To add Cite It! to your browser's bookmarks bar, select Cite It! in the user menu. 

Drag and drop the button to your bookmarks bar:

Using Cite It!

You must be logged in to NTU CourseReserves to use Cite It!

While on a website that contains a resource that you would like to add to a reading list, select the bookmarklet you previously installed:

The Cite It! pane appears:


Add the book to your reading list:

  • Select Add to list, select the reading list and section, and select Add & Close to add the resource as a citation to that reading list and section.

Alternatively, you can save it as a favourite:

  • Select Add to Collection and select Add & Close to add the resource as an item in My Collection.


Important note: If you have added an item in this manner, and you'd like the Library the buy a copy of it, please refer to "Adding a Purchase Tag".