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NTU CourseReserves reports

Faculty can view the student usage reports in NTU CourseReserves in NTULearn to see how engaged are the students with the reading lists. The reports can be accessed from the left side bar on the Course Reserves page. When you click on the reports button as an instructor it will automatically filter the list to only show courses that you are an instructor on. The reports tab in the Course Reserves has 3 sections - Analysis, Usage and Inactive.


Analysis shows the graphical citation usage information about active, published reading lists. The instructor can select which course and reading list to view and can see the overall reading list usage and weekly break down. The overall usage shows information such as number of fulltext views, number of items marked as read, number of comments, number of likes etc. For the weekly break down, a specific list is displayed if a specific course name is selected from the drop down. The usage report can be exported to Excel spread sheet.


This shows a more detailed analysis of student usage for each list. This also has an overview for each list, and a weekly breakdown for each list. The overview gives information on the total citations in the list, number of participants in the course, percent of reading list activity is from mobile devices, total number of full text Access, total comments, total likes etc.


Citation usage information about inactive (either past or future), published reading lists are shown here.