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Manually adding resources

If you want to add something that you cannot find in the Library's Search, you can add it by filling out a form.

First, select "Add Item", then select "Blank Form"

You must fill out two fields at least:

  1. Use the Type drop-down menu to specify the type of resource you are adding, and you can select book, book chapter, article, video, website, etc.
  2. The Title field - please provide a name for this resource.

If you are adding a book the Library does not yet have, you can include the ISBN, if the book has one, to make sure you're specifying the right book.

Feel free to fill out optional details in the form if you have the information.

If you have a URL you want your students to click, add it to the Source field.

Do remember to tag the item if it is a book that is not in the Library's collection, and you'd like to request that the Library purchase it.