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Research Impact: Alternative Research Impact Metrics


Altmetrics, or Alternative Metrics, are metrics that allow us to measure and reflect the impact of scholarship and research through tracking online interactions around research outputs. Altmetrics are meant to complement, not totally replace, these traditional measures. []

Altmetrics Platforms and PlumX are two main platforms to track non-citation engagement on the Web. NTU Library is currently subscribed to PlumX which uses the following metrics:


Faculty from arts and humanities often produce non-article research outputs, such as books, book chapters, creative works that are highly underrepresented in traditional citation database. NTU Library can generate PlumX reports to reflect the impact of these outputs beyond citations, such as online usage, captures and mentions. For example, in one report created for a P&T candidate of School of Humanities, we highlighted the library holdings of his published books that indicates which university libraries in the world are holding his books and with how many copies – an important indicator of research impact for many humanities scholars.

If you want to know more about our PlumX report service, please contact us via