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Open Science & Research Services: Current Workshops

DMP and DR-NTU (Data) Workshops

Target audience: Principal investigators and their assigned research project team members. (For NIE researchers, please contact for DMP and Data Repository Workshop).

Upcoming Workshop Date & Time Venue Register At the end of the workshops, participants should be able to:

Data Management Plan (DMP)

(typically conducted quarterly)

(All NTU members who are collecting and/or managing research data are welcome to register and attend)


Thu, 23 May 2024
2:00 - 3:30 pm 
Online through MS Teams Register
  • Describe the benefits of having a DMP
  • Apply research data management best practices when answering the questions in the NTU DMP template
  • Understand ways to implement and update your DMP

Aug 2024


Online through MS Teams TBC

Intro to
DR-NTU (Data)

(conducted quarterly)




  • Recognise NTU repositories, their functions and their benefits
  • Identify best practices in depositing manuscript
  • Apply best practices in depositing research data

Alternatively, If you are unable to attend the workshop and need any DMP writing help or would need assistance in using DR-NTU or DR-NTU (Data), please contact us.

Open Methods and Preregistration Workshops - 27 and 29 Feb 2024

The processes, procedures and materials used in research studies and investigation are known as methods. Making methods open, transparent, and accessible to the public is known as Open Methods. Open methods promote trust, reproducibility and reusability. See Public Library of Science (PLOS) Open Methods and NTU LibGuide on open methods.

NTU Library and NIE Library would like to invite all those who are interested to learn more about open methods, preregistration and registered reports, using the Open Science Framework as a platform, to join us in the workshops physically on 27 and 29 Feb 2024 at Experimental Medicine Building, Seminar Room, Level 1, NTU campus. Breakfast and registration begins at 8:30am. Workshop proper is 9:00am to 11:00am. The US-based trainer, Dr Crystal Steltenpohl, Training and Education Manager, Center for Open Science, will be conducting the workshops virtually. There will be an in person NTU speaker, Dr Pierina Cheung, Education Research Scientist, Centre for Research in Child Development, NIE, NTU, who will be sharing her preregistration experience on 29 Feb 2024. Click here to register