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Open Research Checklist


The Open Research Checklist is designed to serve as a guide for NTU researchers who wish to make practical changes in order to make their scientific process and research outputs more transparent, inclusive and accessible.

The checklist consists of a series of questions and suggestions. It can be used as a precursor for discussion and a means to inspire future action.

We welcome comments and suggestions. Please email us at:


Version 1 (2023)


Open Methods require the public availability of detailed documentation of the processes, procedures and materials used in a research investigation.


  • Have you included sufficient details that is needed for full replication?
  • Have you considered pre-registration or publishing a registered report, where applicable?


"Open Access literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions." (Suber, 2012)


  • Have you published open access whenever possible?
  • Alternatively, have you uploaded an appropriate version of your publication to institutional open access digital repository (eg. DR-NTU or NIE Digital Repository?
  • Have you provided your ORCID ID to the publisher at the stage of manuscript submission?
  • Have you included a Data Availability Statement in your manuscript?


Open Data refers to the public availability and reusability of that scientific data.



"Open Code refers to custom, author-generated code used in a scientific research study... and subsequently made publicly available under an Open Access license via a linked repository, or as Supporting Information." (PLOS)


  • If you have written code, have you documented your test protocol?
  • Have you scripted your analysis, including data cleaning and wrangling, where applicable?
  • Is your code well annotated and documented for ease of understanding and reuse?
  • Has the use of all software versions and computing environments been documented where applicable?
  • Are you able to openly share your code?
  • If you have shared your code, have you shared it under an open license?
  • Have you adopted the FAIR principles for research software?


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  • Mr NAH Hui Kang, Christopher, School of Biological Sciences