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Introduction to EndNote

A beginners guide to EndNote Desktop.

Find Full Text Feature

The Find Full Text Feature in EndNote enables you to automatically download PDF full texts where available to references in your EndNote Library. 

Do note that this feature may not work for certain articles such as:

  • Articles hosted in ScienceDirect
  • Articles without a DOI


To set up this feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences
  2. In the box for OpenURL Path, place the following string:
  3. In the box for Authenticate With URL, place the following string:
  4. Click on Apply and OK to save these settings.


To use this feature:

  1. Select an article that you would like to find full text for and click on the Find Full Text shortcut button at the top left as in the screenshot below.
  2. If EndNote has found the full text PDF, the articles will have a PDF attached to them. 
  3. If EndNote is unable to find the full text, it will be marked as Not Found. This may happen in certain scenarios:
    • If the article is hosted in ScienceDirect
    • If the article does not have a DOI