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Introduction to EndNote

A beginners guide to EndNote Desktop.

What is Cite While You Write (CWYW)?

CWYW is a feature in EndNote that allows you to insert in-text citations at specific locations in your MS Word document.

CWYW automatically generates a bibliography based on the in-text citations.

You can access CWYW from the EndNote tab in MS Word. 

The EndNote tab should appear automatically in MS Word after installing EndNote.


Use the features in the Citations section to insert or edit in-text citations.


Use the features in the Bibliography section to change citation style or modify the layout of your bibliography.

Add in-text citations

Cite While You Write (CWYW) is a feature in EndNote that can make citing easy using MS Word. To use CWYW, you need to have an EndNote tab in MS Word. 

To add in-text citation:

  1. In Word, place the cursor to where you would like to add the in-text citation.
  2. From EndNote Library, simply select the citation that you want to insert in Word and click on the large quotation marks icon or insert in the preview tab.

3.  EndNote will automatically add the in-text citation along with the reference at the bottom of the Word document page. 

Edit citation

Using MS Word, here are the steps to edit your citations.

  1. Place the cursor at the citation to edit
  2. Click Edit & Manage Citation(s
  3. From the pop-up window choose the drop-down menu to:
  • Remove/Insert citation
  • Remove author’s name or year of publication for author-date citations
  • Add prefix/suffix and page numbers

Convert to plain text

Before you upload your academic paper to ‘Turnitin’ / ‘iThenticate’ or share with others, please ensure that you use the ‘Convert to Plain Text’ feature to remove EndNote field codes.

To do convert to plain text:

  1. Open the Word document
  2. Click on the EndNote tab at the top followed by clicking on the ‘Convert Citations and Bibliography’
  3. Select ‘Convert to Plain Text’
  4. EndNote will create a second copy of the document with all EndNote field coding removed.

Add footnotes

When using a citation style that requires footnotes (e.g., Chicago or Turabian),
1. Insert Footnote under the Reference tab in Word
2. Insert citation under EndNote 20 tab in Word
3. Ensure that your citation style is a footnote style 
4. You can edit the footnote using Edit Citations.
5. Insert a page break before the list of bibliography. It should start on a fresh new page in the document.