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Singapore Open Research Conference 2022: Workshop


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Lenny Teytelman (PhD Genetics, Computation Biology) has over a decade of computational and experimental biology experience. He did his graduate studies at UC Berkeley, and it was his struggle with correcting a published research method as a postdoc at MIT that led him to cofound Lenny brings to a strong passion for open access, sharing knowledge, and improving research efficiency through technology.

The Art of Writing Methods and Introduction to

Methods have the potential for adaptation and reuse in different contexts and across a broad range of research questions. However, research papers and protocol organization in labs often lack detailed instructions for repeating experiments. This workshop aims to introduce the practical tips in writing methods as well as, an open tool for developing and sharing your methods.



This 90-minute workshop will have three parts:

  1. Why do methods matter?
  2. Introduction to how to discover public protocols, organize and your own, and get credit for your method-development.
  3. The art of writing methods: A fun hands-on exercise and practical tips on how you can make your methods more reproducible for yourself and others.

Pre-Conference Workshop

There are two sessions of the same workshop. Please sign up for either session:

Tue, 1 Nov 2022 (NTU main Yunnan Campus. Click here for map.

03:00pm to 04:30pm

The Art of Writing Methods and Introduction to by Dr Lenny TEYTELMAN, CEO and co-founder of

Workshop venue: Experimental Medicine Building, Seminar Room, Level 1, 59 Nanyang Drive Singapore 636921

Wed, 2 Nov 2022 (Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Clinical Sciences Building, Medical Library (20th floor), NTU Novena Campus. Click here for map.

09:00am to 10:30am

The Art of Writing Methods and Introduction to by Dr Lenny TEYTELMAN, CEO and co-founder of

Workshop venue: Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Medical Library, Flexi-space, Clinical Sciences Building, 20th Floor, 11 Mandalay Road, Singapore 308232