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Singapore Open Research Conference 2022


Open Research, or Open Science is the movement to make the scientific process and research outputs more transparent, inclusive and accessible. 

The Conference theme is “Accelerating Research with Responsible Open Science”. Open science/open research practices, coupled with accessible and verifiable scientific knowledge, help to improve quality, reproducibility, reusability, and impact of science. At the same time, in order to maximise the benefits of open science, there are ethical, legal and social challenges that need to be addressed. This Conference aimed to gather funders, research managers, and researchers to discuss open science policies, governance, ethics and practical experiences.

Though the discussions will be based on the bioscience field, researchers from various institutions were welcome to participate.

UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science

The UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science was adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO at its 41st session, in November 2021. As Singapore is one of the Member States, NTU is keen to engage the relevant communities to share and discuss their perspectives and experiences with Open Science.

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Blog Post

Click here to view the blog post that highlights the exciting moments of the Conference.