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International Trading Programme

This guide was created to support the International Trading Programme course. It points to useful resources within NTU Library and relevant resources that are available freely on the web.


This page consolidates all resources related to commodities including finding analysis on Bloomberg, research papers from various recognised commissions and report repositories, a glossary of terms used in commodity research, data on futures, company, exchange, and price information. 

Access to some of the links on this page have been provided by NTU Library and requires your log in using your Network ID and password. If you have any questions regarding access to these resources or need further help, do drop us an email.


Some useful codes to use within Bloomberg:

  • CCRV for Commodity Curve Analysis
  • CPFC for Commodity Price Forecasts
  • FDM for Commodity Fundamentals
  • GLCO for Global Commodity Prices
  • Press the CMMDTY button for more functions and content such as the indices 
  • You can also get the MSCI commodity data for the producers' index, agriculture and food chain index and the energy industry

Useful links to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (FTC):

Commodity Terms


In Osiris, go to Industry > Industry classifications. Select a type of industry classification that you want to use and use word(s) to do a search and click on OK to run the search. You have to click on View List of Results to see the companies and select company(s) to get their data. 


In the Markets tab, click on Commodities. 

In the Futures section, select the commodity and exchange you require:

In the Forecast section, see the estimates by clicking on a commodity link: