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Scholarly Communication & Impact: Pre-Seminar Materials (TBL)

This guide is to help you navigate the different elements of the Scholarly Communication world and find out how you can use them to your benefit.

Pre-Seminar Readings - Instructions

Congratulations on registering for the Scholarly Communication & Impact seminar!

This seminar will be conducted in the Team Based Learning format which consists of assessment activities and group discussions of concepts. In order to prepare for these session, do go through the content below. They will be essential to you during the session to participate fully.

Pre-Seminar Video

Do watch the video below in it's entirety to prepare for the Scholarly Communication and Impact seminar. After watching the video, do check out the Additional Resources on the right. 

Additional Resources

Do watch the video on the left first before exploring these additional resources. These would help to prepare you to participate actively in the discussions during the seminar. 

How to get to Library Instructional Commons (LIC)

1) Enter Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) entrance.


2) Follow the path(arrow) and go all the way to the end.


3) Exit here to find the lift on the other side


4) Take the lift (N2-1, N2-2) to level B3


5) Exit the lift. Entrance to LIC is opposite of the lift.