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Research Data Management: Data Management Plan

Data Management Plan

What is a Data Management Plan?

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a formal document that you develop at the start of your research project which describes the kind of data that will be collected or used, how it will be managed in terms of storage, organisation, access, back-up, security and preservation during and after the project.

Developing a data management plan may seem daunting. However, it is a vital step in your research process that you cannot afford to skip. It helps you ensure that your research data are accurate, complete, reliable, and secure both during and after you complete your research.

Many funding agencies in the US and UK are requiring researchers to submit a data management plan or data sharing plan upon grant application. 

What are the benefits of a DMP?

  • You can find and understand your data when you need to use it.
  • There is continuity if project staff leave or new researchers join.
  • You can avoid unnecessary duplication e.g. re-collecting or re-working data.
  • The data underlying publications are maintained, allowing for validation of results.
  • Data sharing leads to more collaboration and advances research.
  • Your research is more visible and has greater impact.
  • Other researchers can cite your data so you gain credit.

(Source: Digital Curation Centre)

Does NTU have a DMP template?

Yes, NTU has a DMP template.

With the launch of the NTU Research Data Policy in April 2016, PIs are required to submit a DMP using the NTU DMP template in the NTU research information system, at the beginning of their project. The DMP is to be revised (with version recorded) during the lifespan of the project whenever there is substantial change. The DMP is also meant to serve as a reference document for existing and new project team members.


What if I need help in writing a DMP?

We welcome you to attend a NTU DMP Writing Workshop. Click here to register.
If you need further help, you can use the online form to send a draft of your data management plan for our librarians to advise.

Videos & Further Readings

Data Management Plans

This video reviews how to write a data management plan for a grant application.

(Source: Data Services, University of Wisconsin)