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Research Data Management: Research Data Classification & Handling

Research Data Classification and Handling Guide

The Research Data Classification and Handling Guide (click 'sign in' at the top right-hand corner of the page) has been put together to provide guidance on the proper handling of research data in NTU. This is to comply with the NTU Data Governance Policy that was issued on 8 February 2021. This guide also complements the NTU Research Data Policy.

The Guide is applicable to all persons involved in the collection/generation/acquiring, processing, analysing, archiving, preserving and providing access to research data. These persons include NTU faculty, research staff, staff, students, visiting personnel, and all persons engaged under a contract for service. In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between the Policy and this Guide, the stricter terms will apply.


The Guide covers the following key areas:

1. NTU Research Data Classification

  • Definitions of Classification Levels
  • Types of Research Data for each Classification Level

2. Research Data (Digital and Non-digital) Handling Guidelines

  • Labelling
  • Storage and Access
  • Transmission
  • Retention
  • Disposal/Destruction