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Library Resources -- Recommendations and Requests

This guide is about submitting a resource recommendation or request to the Library.


When you come across a book, article or resource that is not available via NTU Library, what options do you have?

  1. Find an alternative resource
  2. Check for Open Access versions
  3. Check availability at Singapore's public libraries
  4. Write to the author/publisher/distributor to request for a copy
  5. Submit a Recommendation or Request to the Library

This guide is about submitting a resource Recommendation or Request to the Library.

Types of Requests and Recommendations


Type Who can Request?

Book Recommendation

  • Library will consider these recommendations based on current policies and guidelines. Some of our evaluation criteria include: Relevance (to research, teaching or learning), Priority, Urgency and Fund availability.
  • Depending on the publisher, the electronic version may or may not be available for libraries to purchase. When available, Library may purchase electronic version only and not a physical copy.

All Library members

Request for Physical Book -- Inter-Library Loan

  • Library will borrow the book from local institutions (e.g. NUS, SMU or NLB) or overseas libraries. Depending on the title and its availability from our sources, we may purchase or subscribe to the book and add to our collection.
Faculty, staff, researchers, postgraduate and FYP students

Request for Article, Report, Book Chapter, Conference Paper, etc. -- Document Delivery

  • Library will source for and deliver publications that are not currently available. Typically, such publications are obtained on a single-use basis.
Faculty, staff, researchers, postgraduate and FYP students

Journal Recommendation

  • Journal subscriptions are complex and involve recurring costs yearly. Recommendations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and may be put on a waiting list.
Faculty only



Type Who can Request?

Request for Course Reserves

  • Physical items will be made available following our circulation policies, e.g. a 2-hour loan for books and a 4-hour loan for DVDs.

  • For electronic resources, availability will depend its terms of use, which will vary from item to item.

  • The number of copies purchased (whether physical or electronic) will depend on factors such as no. of students and the options available for electronic copies.

Course instructors

Request for Streaming Videos

  • The distribution and licensing of videos worldwide is complicated. Video publishers or distributors may choose not to sell to libraries, or sell to video streaming platforms that only allow for individual, personal subscription (e.g. Netflix).
  • When possible, we consider options from providers that do cater to libraries (e.g. Kanopy).
  • Library may also purchase the license rights to digitize from DVD, host and stream the video.
Course instructors