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Library Resources -- Recommendations and Requests: 5. Recommend a Database

This guide is about submitting a resource recommendation or request to the Library.

Recommend a Database

Only faculty staff can submit recommendations for databases. Research students may get their supervisors to review their recommendations and submit under their supervisor's name.

Recommendations may take up to 12 months to be reviewed. For articles that are urgently required, please Request a Document.

Faculty staff who are keen to submit a recommendation may download and fill in the Library Database Request Form at the bottom of this page and email the completed form to

Requesters will need to provide the following information in the request form:

  1. Bibliographic details of the database such as title, publisher, website, etc.
  2. Purpose for recommending database such as for teaching, research, authorship, etc.
  3. How long will the database will required.
  4. How often will the database be used.
  5. Anticipated use by other interested users.
  6. Contents of database and which contents are most needed.
  7. Feedback on previous use, if any.

Below are some useful information regarding database recommendations:

  1. A trial will usually be set up.
  2. Duration of trials shall be for a minimum of six months to give users sufficient time to properly use and review the database.
  3. Users' feedback during the trial is crucial as it will help the library to decide whether to subscribe to the database.
  4. After the trial, the library will review the feedback received, usage statistics and budget availability before making a final decision.