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FYP Guide

This guide lists essential Library services for students doing their Final Year Project (FYP).

Selecting an FYP Topic

Depending on what you are majoring in here at NTU, your requirements for your FYP can differ greatly. If you are required to brainstorm for and choose your own FYP topic, you may be at a loss of what to do.

This page lists some useful tips and steps if you are tasked to select a topic for your FYP. This listing of suggested starting points and sources is not exhaustive, but can be very useful to get ideas for FYP topic.

Starting points

  • Talk to friends, family, professors, and also your tutorial lecturers
  • Refer to course material: lecture notes, textbooks, chapters, journal articles, for common ideas
  • Choose a topic relevant to your interests or your future profession
  • Use the who, what, when, where and why questions
  • Read the News to find popular current affairs topics
  • Use Google's related searches function to discover new topics
  • Search for other scholars' works on Google Scholar
  • Use encyclopedias to discover new topics.
  • Scan popular magazines e.g. Economist, National Geographic, Newsweek, Science

Adapted from the following:

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