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FYP Guide

This guide lists essential Library services for students doing their Final Year Project (FYP).

Copyright & IP

If you are unsure about Intellectual Property (IP) and confidentiality issues related to your FYP report, please check with your supervisor before submitting your report to DR-NTU.

Instructions for FYP Submission

Submitting your FYP report to DR-NTU  is an important step to capture, store and preserve the scholarly output of NTU. 

Make your FYP submission to DR-NTU once it has been approved by your academic supervisor. For the dates and timelines for completing this task, please refer to guidelines from your school. See the links below for step-by-step submission instructions and detailed submission requirements. 

  • For WKWSCI FYP students, please check with the Library about submission of print and media material or email us here.