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Research Data Management: E-Learning

NTU Research Data Management E-Learning

Research Data Management (RDM) e-learning course introduces good RDM practices based on the latest policies and guidelines. Good RDM practices help to mitigate risks such as data loss, leakage, infringement of data reuse terms, or even research integrity related risks such as data falsification and fabrication.  To enroll for the course, please log in here.

These four videos are extracted from the NTU Research Data Management e-learning. 

Each video has its own story, yet they are best watched in sequence. 

RDM 1: Data Management What?

Joyce, a PhD student, and Peter, a Research Fellow, have very different points of view on research data management.

RDM 2: Trouble!

Joyce and Peter’s story unfolds. This time, Joyce encounters some issues.

RDM 3: Sensitive Data

Joyce and Peter talk about the sensitive research data that they collect and use.

RDM 4: Benefits of RDM

So what are the benefits of RDM? Joyce and Peter recap the story and they hope you can start practicing good research data management.