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AP9048 Dancing Over Ideas

This guide summarizes the resources for AP9048 students.

About this Guide

AP9048  is a module that is open to graduates of School of ADM.

This guide is intended to provide a one-stop resource for all students taking this course, more specifically when it comes to finding and accessing the library resources, as well as citing them. 

In this course students can use their ongoing research projects (e.g., FYP, MA thesis, PhD dissertation, abstract of a paper for a journal/conference) as case studies.

This course stresses the need to support graduate students in developing their own methods and skills to understand research theories and practices and develop new strategies to kick off of a research project in the digital era. In this perspective, the course experiments with digital technologies to facilitate the transcultural teaching of complex ideas. Technologies are called upon to answer the questions of how reality and human constraints can be overcome to improve and expedite the understanding of complex ideas and the aggregation of knowledge.

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