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Full Text Tools

Unlock your access to paywall content using full text tools.


Doing a literature search for your assignment or research?

You will probably want to view the entire item beyond the abstract or preview, aka get the “Full Text”.

Many publications are behind paywalls and require a subscription or one-time payment to view Full Text.

You can unlock access to paywall content with Full Text tools! 

NTU Library recommends these tools for quick access to our subscribed e-resources.

Please note:

  • At the e-resource providers' websites, login options with “Institutional login” or “Sign in via your organization” will not work. Please use LibBookmark or access from the Collections A-Z list.
  • If prompted to login, please use your NTU network account.
  • Full Text is determined based on library's subscription to the e-resources and your access privileges. Current NTU staff/students have access to all content purchased or subscribed to by NTU Library, while other groups have limited access.
  • Some Full Text of books or journals may not be provided through the publisher's website. Instead, access may be available from another website (e.g. an aggregator platform like EBSCOhost, ProQuest, Gale) or a reseller's website. See this page for the tools to check for a specific title or item.
  • For materials not subscribed by NTU Library, eligible users may request for Document Delivery (DocDel) or Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services.