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About Google Scholar

Google Scholar is one of the most comprehensive academic search engines in the world. It facilitates access to scholarly full text using a Library link that connects Google Scholar with NTU Library. Once connected, look out for "Find it @NTU Library" next to the search results. You may also install the Google Scholar Button browser extension.

Google Scholar Search


Set up Library Links at Google Scholar

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Set up Library links.
    • Under "Settings" > "Library links"
    • search for 'nanyang'
    • check the box for 'Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore - Find It @ NTU Library'
    • click "Save"
  3. Start searching and see immediately the choices available for Full Text.

How to Use

  1. Look out for "Find It @NTU Library" link beside the search result.
  2. Clicking on "Find It @NTU Library" link will create a search string in OneSearch and lead you to the Full Text.

The search results may include other links to Full Text, e.g., to the publisher's version (for open access items) or to a repository (for the author’s manuscript version).

Please note:

  • Google Scholar only displays the journals content that is available from NTU Library.
  • For books, use OneSearch (search for the title) or do a DOI search.

Useful Features

Google Scholar has many useful features designed for students and researchers. Some of these include:

  1. Formatting citations in various citation styles ("Cite")
  2. Showing the number of times an article has been cited ("Cited by...")
  3. Saving item records into your personal "Library" in Google Scholar ("Save")
  4. Creating alerts on search results ("Create alert" - look out for this towards the bottom of the search results page)