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About LibBookmark

LibBookmark is a browser bookmarklet that easily connects you to NTU Library subscriptions via the proxy service (""). This shortcut is most useful when applied to scholarly websites that you frequently visit.


Add LibBookmark to a Desktop Browser

Simply click and drag the following button to your browser's bookmark/favourite bar.

Full Text @NTU Library

If you don't see the bookmark/favourite bar in your browser,  press CTRL + SHIFT + B  to enable it.

Add LibBookmark in a Mobile Device's Browser

Bookmark this page in your mobile device's browser. Edit the bookmark, name the bookmark as Full Text @NTU Library, replace the URL address by copying the code shown below and save it.


How To Use

LibBookmark will work at scholarly websites such as Wiley Online Library, ScienceDirect, and JSTOR.

Follow these steps to understand how the bookmarklet could be applied on Desktop/Laptop Web Browsers.

  1. Go to a scholarly website.
  2. When the page had finished loading, click on the bookmarklet.
  3. If prompted to login, use your NTU network account username and password.
  4. Once login is successful, you may noticed that the URL will be different (hyphenated).

On Mobile Web Browsers, the steps above apply except to replace step 2 with the below.

  • Type Full Text @NTU Library in the address bar and tap on the saved bookmark. Some browsers (like Firefox mobile) allow you to just tap on the bookmark.

Please note:

  • Abide by the Terms of Use in the next section
  • Access to Full Text depends on whether NTU Library has purchased or subscribed to the particular item. 
  • Some Full Text of books or journals may not be provided through the publisher's website, or NTU Library does not have an arrangement with a particular website. Instead, access may be available from another website (e.g. an aggregator platform like EBSCOhost, ProQuest, Gale) or a reseller's website. See this page for the tools to check for a specific title or item.
  • LibBookmark will not be useful when applied on pages like NTU website and Library's website.

E-Resources Terms of Use

Use of electronic resources subscribed by the Library is governed by license agreements negotiated between the Library and publishers/vendors. 

In general, the license agreements prohibit:

  • Large-scale or systematic downloading of single or multiple copies of abstracts, tables of contents or full text documents in print or electronic copies
  • Utilisation of software programmes or routines designed to continuously and automatically search and index the resources, such as spiders, web-crawlers and robots
  • Alter, amend, modify, abridge, translate or change in any manner the licensed materials
  • Sales and exploitation of licensed materials for any commercial purposes
  • Publication, distribution, mount on any electronic network, or retaining portions of licensed materials or combining them with any other material

Users who have been detected to violate the above terms may face a temporary suspension, depending on the severity.