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Design Thinking

Introduction to Design Thinking

According to ACRL, Design Thinking "is an iterative, human-centered approach to understanding the needs of a specific group and developing services, spaces, and products in response."  (ACRL, 2020).

Design Thinking Principles:

  • user-centric and action-oriented approach
  • comfortable with change
  • observe and Evaluates problems/issues/challenges through emotions and sensitivity
  • integrate foresight
  • dynamic
  • promotes empathy
  • reduce risks
  • create meaning
  • uplifts enterprise creativity
  • new competitive logic of business strategy

Human Needs

Design Thinking requires us to know the 6 human needs with respect to problem-solving. They are namely:

  1. Certainty
  2. Variety
  3. Unique/Significance
  4. Connection/Love
  5. Growth 
  6. Contribution