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DD1004 Introduction to the Histories of Art II: Books

A compilation of resources for DD1004


The books listed here are divided into two sections: writing guides and course reserves. It is highly recommended that you read and browse the titles featured in writing guides to get you started on your assignment. 

Do feel free to visit ADM Library to find these books, and explore the other books that are relevant on the shelves!

Writing Guides

Your lecturer has placed several books in the course reserves for you. You can refer to "How to access Course Reserves" tab to see what are the reserved titles, or you can click on the link provided on the section on the right. Remember, these titles have a shorter loan period; only 2 hours.

Three of the reserved titles are on writing in Art History and are particularly important for this course:

Course Reserves

The titles featured below are just a subset of the entire course reserves for DD1004.  To view ALL course reserves for DD1004 in the library catalog, please click here.