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Introduction to Mendeley Reference Manager

Enable Mendeley Cite

In order to insert citations in your academic writing in Microsoft Word using Mendeley Reference Manager, you need to enable the Mendeley Cite Add In. Please follow the instructions below if your Microsoft Word is from NTU's Office subscription.


NTU Students

NTU Students may submit a request via the Service Request Form with their Name and NTU email address to CITS.


NTU Staff

NTU Staff may submit a Software Request form through ServiceNow via the Ask IT form. (ServiceNow > Report an Issue > Ask IT)


Once the Add-In has been installed, you will see the Mendeley Cite button in your Microsoft Word under the References menu. To begin using Mendeley Cite, click on Get Started and log in to your Mendeley account.

Adding in-text Citations

You can now insert in-text citations from your Mendeley Library from the list displayed in the plug in. You can search for references using the search box or click on the All References menu to browse your Library by Collection.

After selecting the references that you'd like to insert, click on the blue Insert button to create the in-text citations. 

Edit Citation Style

To change the citation style in Mendeley Cite, you can edit the Citation Settings. To change style, click on Change Citation Style in the menu below.


If you do not see your preferred citation style in that list, you can search for another style or even upload a custom style if one is required.

Editing citations

To edit in-text citations reference details:

  1. Open your Mendeley Reference Manager and make the changes 
  2. In Word document, click on More > Update From Library on Mendeley Cite to update these citations.

To remove an author from an in-text citation or add a page number to an in-text citation:

  1. Click the in-text citation in your document
  2. On your Mendeley Cite Add In, you can then click on the citation that you would like to edit  
  3. You can now edit this citation, e.g. select Suppress author, or add a page number, etc.  



Creating a bibliography

Upon inserting at least one in-text citation, you may generate a reference list / bibliography. 

You can do this by first placing your cursor where you wish to insert the reference list and then clicking on More in Mendeley Cite and then the Insert Bibliography option.

Converting to plain text

In-text citations and the bibliography in a Word document are linked with your Mendeley library. However, you can make a plain text document without Mendeley field codes. This is a necessary step to take especially before submitting your work. While Mendeley Cite does not have a in built feature to do this, here are some recommended steps. Do note that this process is irreversible. 

  1. Save another copy of your work in a separate document, you may want to label this file as Final or For Submission, etc.. to avoid confusion.
  2. Select all the text in your document by pressing Ctrl+A 
  3. Right click and select 'Remove Content Control' in the menu.